Dr. Sanjana Kapoor, assistant professor in the Division of Nephrology, co-authored a paper last month in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases titled “Best Practice Alerts in Electronic Medical Records to Improve Pneumococcal Vaccination in CKD.”

Here, we pay tribute to the late Dr. T.B. Ellis, UMMC’s first Black cardiology fellow and the first Black cardiologist in Mississippi. A Jim Hill High School graduate, Ellis played football at Jackson State University followed by signing on with the Green Bay Packers before being accepted to medical school.

Crowds gathered to support college and professional sport teams the last four weeks of 2022. We watched the World Cup, college invitational basketball tournaments, college football bowl games, and a race for NFL playoffs. The excitement stirred by such events is intense enough to make sports fans sit for 8-12 hours watching games…

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