2020 New Year’s Resolutions from across the Department: 

  • To exercise more, to organize my time better, and to listen twice as much as I talk. – Franco Cabeza, Nephrology
  • To run 600 miles in 2020 – Patricia Stewart, Allergy and Immunology
  • To be more kind to myself and to find the positive side of most days – Kendra Courtney, PGY-3
  • To join Planet Fitness, get back in shape, and run my first 5K. I can’t even imagine what my LDL is right now.  – Anonymous
  • To ride 1800 miles on my bike in 2020. And to better empower others to reach their potential. – Dick Wardrop, General Internal Medicine
  • I want to be more present (and not distracted) in whatever I’m doing.  – Anonymous
  • To lose 10 lbs. – Sandeep Kancharla, PGY-1
  • Try harder to be kind and humble. Get 10K steps in at least 90% of the days. – Javed Butler, Cardiology
  • I turn 50 next year so I’ve thought a lot about this….Taking time to be fully present in the day to day interactions at work and in other venues and to intentionally deepen relationships with family and friends. – Jimmy Stewart, General Medicine
  • To be intentional about staying in touch with friends and family. – Allie Moore, PGY-1
  • To read more, laugh more, and care more about Ole Miss! – Bryan Barksdale, Cardiology
  • I told my 11 year-old daughter I’d learn to swing dance with her this year but I didn’t, so my 2020 resolution is to learn to swing dance with my daughter. – Zeb Henson, General Medicine
  • I want to grow and develop my skills further, perhaps by joining a Master’s program. And to be able to bike 25 miles consecutively. – Rahat Noor, Hospitalist
  • I don’t have one. I’m the emblem of long term well being. – Ben Brock, Infectious Diseases
  • I read a book by Jon Gordon in 2014 entitled One Word. It encourages you to choose one word to focus on for the year rather than New Year’s resolutions per se. In fact, the word that I chose that year was FUN – I wanted to have more fun at work, with my family, and in my interactions with others since I often tend to be fairly serious. The word FUN nearly killed me since that was the year I had my mountain bike accident! So, I haven’t chosen that word again! My word for 2020 is SERVANT. I want to focus on serving others – at work, in my family, in my community and around the world. I tend to be very self-centered at times and I want to consciously work on that particular character flaw this year. Please ask me at the end of the year how I did! – Mike McMullan, Cardiology
  • To start my day 15 minutes earlier. The goal is to get to work 15 minutes earlier. I’m hoping it will help alleviate that feeling of always being in a rush! I figure that would be easier than tattooing “phone, keys, ID badge” on my arm. – Frankie Pedigo, PGY-4
  • Do less work at home. And purposefully and more regularly tell the people that I love how much they mean to me in writing and words. – Lyssa Weatherly, Geriatrics
  • To train for a half marathon and spend more time with my family vacationing. – Olu Kolawole, PGY-4
  • Read more books. Spend more time in nature. Learn a new skill. Do five things that keep me healthier at work. – Dimitra Kefalogianni, Administration
  • Floss 25 more times than I did this year. Practice the piano 45 minutes a month.  Find a needle in a haystack. Wash my white coat once a week. Go to bed one minute earlier on the average than I went to bed each night this year.  (That’s a whole 6 hours and 6 minutes more of sleep next year than I got this year assuming I wake up at the same time on the average.) Sing louder in the car (by 3 decibels). Plant a new tree in my yard (the kind that turns all sorts of colors in the fall so I can enjoy it when I’m in my 60s and 70s). Don’t violate the new encounter closure policy. Reinvent the wheel. Learn the names of at least two people working on that construction project outside the heart center. Throw away the junk under the desk in my office. Teach my daughter how to swim. Put all my eggs in one basket, a really big basket. – Calvin Thigpen, General Internal Medicine
  • To improve work-life balance. – Amor Royer, PGY-2
  • I hope to make more special memories with my son, take cooking classes with my husband, and spend more time traveling and reading. – Alisha Parker, PGY-5
  • Travel to more places around the world I haven’t been to yet. – Asef Mahmoud, Hospitalist
  • To read and reply to emails. -Lucas Buchanan, PGY-3

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