Learn more about Dr. David Schaefer, Associate Professor in the Division of Digestive Diseases.

Hometown: I was born in California and spent my Freudian developmental years on the beach. Then I moved as a child with the family to Virginia where I perfected saying “you all”.  Most recently, I moved from the east coast of FL so, I guess hometown is where I’m at!

Undergraduate and medical training: Most of my education took place in Virginia, including a Bachelors at the University of Virginia, a Masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia,  then an MD at Eastern Virginia Medical School. I completed Internal Medicine Residency at York Hospital followed by a GI Fellowship at Johns Hopkins.

Tell us about yourself.  I have had a variety of careers over the years. My first job was in law enforcement with the US Park Police in DC. This got me interested in becoming a “profiler” with the FBI and so went to grad school for clinical psychology (courtesy of the US Army). While in the military, I became interested in neuropsychology and decided to return to medical school. Now as a gastroenterologist I realize that after all these years of education, I became just a specialist in “odds and ends”!

What are you most looking forward to working at UMMC? Under the directorship of Dr. Sarah Glover, the GI department will expand into advanced and specialized areas of treatment and research. Her vision and enthusiasm was an easy attraction to make one want to be a part in this growth and development of a top rate academic and training program.  I look forward to many years of service here and am eager to explore Mississippi.

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