Trey Clark, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor in Cardiology, has been named Medical Director of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) at UMMC’s Center for Telehealth. In this role, he will work with the telehealth team to revamp the RPM program. Clark says “2020 is an exciting time for RPM at UMMC. We are re-examining our clinical protocols and technology platform to improve patient care and try to better engage with UMMC clinicians. Additionally, expanded reimbursement will hopefully allow us to grow the program and extend these services to more patients.” The new direction of the program is informed by the work Clark has done in hypertension utilizing RPM with pharmacist case management. Funded by the American Heart Association, Clark’s project demonstrated substantial improvements in blood pressure control, particularly among rural and low-income patients. In addition to hypertension, type 2 diabetes will be a focus in collaboration with Endocrinology (Drs. Vishnu Garla and Lillian Lien). Clark says “Hypertension and diabetes are highly prevalent conditions in our patient population. Building a large-scale, effective, and clinically sustainable RPM program around these 2 conditions is our initial goal. Beyond that, there is tremendous opportunity to expand the program for other conditions as well.”

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