Dr. Schaefer joined UMMC in early 2020. He completed his medical school training at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Prior to medical school, he completed a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and worked as a clinical psychologist for the military and in the private sector. He completed his internal medicine training at York Hospital in York, PA, and his gastroenterology training at Johns Hopkins (Baltimore, MD). Since completing his gastroenterology training, he has served in leadership positions in a variety of private and academic gastroenterology practices. His clinical expertise includes advanced GI procedures related to the foregut, colon, and biliary tract and esophageal motility disorders. He has served as a law enforcement ranger for the US National Park service in the past. Given his administrative, educational, and leadership experience, he is well qualified to serve in these roles. We are grateful for the many strengths he brings to the division and the fellowship program.

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