The department’s two residency programs (Internal Medicine and Medicine-Pediatrics) have seen positive results in regards to test scores this year. All residents take an in-training examination each fall and this year’s scores boasted the best collective performance the programs have seen in over a decade. Over 27,000 residents took the exam this year, and each of the PGY classes performed better than the national mean for their respective training levels. The PGY-1 class was among the top 30% of intern classes in the country, and with the exception of one subject area, the program as a whole was above the national mean in every content section.

The programs’ board pass rates have increased as well. The medicine-pediatrics program board pass rate is 100% from 2018-2020. The internal medicine program board pass rate for 2020 is 95%, with a rolling three-year pass rate from 2018-2020 of 93%. The national pass rate for 2020 has not been released, but historically it has been around 91% and the most recent three-year national pass rate was also 91%.

Program leadership credits an emphasis on knowledge growth and a daily focus on learning rather than performance as the drivers to this year’s success. In addition, an associate program director meets one-on-one with each resident to review their in-training performance and to develop a study plan for board preparation. The programs supply and require MKSAP (Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program) for studying. The programs also utilize an academic improvement protocol for those who score below a particular percentage on the in-training exam in order to facilitate knowledge growth and the development of test-taking skills. The academic improvement protocol is not punitive, has no impact on promotion, and is for residents’ benefit to help them be as ready as possible for the ABIM exam at the end of training. In addition to these studying efforts, the department hosts a free Board Review Course in July of each year to any trainees preparing for the ABIM Internal Medicine exam.

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