2021 New Year’s Resolutions from across the Department: 

  • A big extra helping of black eyed peas on New Year’s Day. – Keith Mansel, Hospice & Palliative Medicine
  • Be intentional with every minute of the day. Stop wishing for the future, because it “might be better” than the present. Enjoy every minute I have.  Make time for myself. – Paul Dotherow, PGY-4, Digestive Diseases
  • 1) To wake up 30 minutes earlier than I already do to meditate in the AM before work.  2) Make breakfast fresh daily 4 days a week. 3) Take my dogs to the dog park once a week. 4) Complete 150 rides on my Peloton.  – James Roberts, PGY-2
  • To spend less time on my phone! I have never been a huge fan, but it’s been hard this past year with so much going on. I look forward to detaching from it and be more present with the people I love. Read a book… It’s been a while since I read a non-medical one. Just purchased “The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates” by Wes Moore. At least 20 minutes of reading time before bed is the goal!  Eat less meat and dairy. It’s going to be rough… Watch more football (soccer), don’t they say “do what makes you happy”?  – Jose Lucar, Infectious Diseases
  • I’m hoping to make sure to take more time for myself in general. I hope to get back to my favorite hobbies, such as painting, reading, and traveling (if corona allows) – Hala Abisamra, PGY-2
  • Complete MedHub evaluations on time – Anonymous
  • Last year I started doing a slight adaptation to New Year’s resolutions in that I would choose a word or two to focus on as opposed to an actual resolution or goal. For example, last year my two words were boldness and vulnerability, because I felt like I had a lot of room to grow in those aspects. This year I’m thinking my two words will be generosity and faithfulness. Generosity in the sense that I feel like I have a lot of room to grow in being generous with not necessarily money but time as well as my talents. Faithfulness in the sense that I don’t want to flippantly commit to things that I don’t actually see through, and I want to intentionally do what I say I am going to do. – Preston Bell, PGY-1
  • My word for this year is Committed – as in I need to be!  No, I just finished a book called Innercise about mental strength and toughness and needing to be Committed rather than just Interested in order to truly make changes and achieve goals.  I’m trying to focus on the highest priority areas in my life and really try to be Committed to achieving them rather than just interested in achieving them – no excuses! – Mike McMullan, Cardiology
  • I hope to go outside more and enjoy the peace of nature; maybe explore some of MS or get back to the mountains of East TN. Guess I should stock up on sunscreen and Zyrtec! – Anna Carr, PGY-3
  • Give more and brood Less. Eat healthy. Read at least 1 non-medical book each month. – Vikas Majithia, Rheumatology
  • I plan to read more books for pleasure. – Samuel Davidson, PGY-3
  • My resolution, which I came to completely of my own accord without any undue influence from any other member of my household, is to fully close my dresser drawers after I take clothes out of them. – Brandon Lennep, Cardiology
  • To take better care of my body and mind. I plan to eat better, drink more water, take care of my skin and hair. – Marlee Wadsworth, PGY-2
  • To make more regular phone calls (not just texts) to my awesome girl friends sprinkled around the world doing amazing things! – Rochelle Kolawole, PGY-3
  • I am going to try to be with my family more! And quit eating so many sweets so my love rolls don’t get any larger. – Murphy Hinson, PGY-5 Cardiology
  • Since traveling is basically taken off the table for now, my New Year’s resolutions are to enjoy the little moments with family and friends at an appropriate social distance, continue working towards being the best medical provider I can be, and to lose the ten (maybe fifteen) pounds residency has rudely gifted me. – Katrina Johnson, PGY-3

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