Dr. Sarah Glover and colleagues receive $2.99 million grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Dr. Sarah Glover and colleagues receive $2.99 million grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. The projects selected support researchers to contribute pediatric tissue samples to the global Human Cell Atlas as a foundation for understanding how cells and organs mature and relate to disease onset in children. The project, entitled “A Global Pediatric Cell Atlas of Nasal and Oral Mucosa” seeks to understand the nasopharyngeal and oral mucosa in children living within globally representative communities. Alongside Glover, Co-Principal Investigators include researchers from West Africa, Boston, India, Bangladesh, and the Bahamas.

The team aims to advance scientific and community engagement goals in all phases of the research to enable the careful and considerate analysis of participants at each of the seven sites across the age range from one month to 5 years of age. The team will analyze single-cell data jointly with scientists from all locations, and share this data openly with the community. Ultimately, the project’s global single-cell-based characterization of the developing nasopharyngeal mucosa will reveal principles of epithelial and immune system development that will facilitate the equitable development of novel therapies for diseases of the aerodigestive tracts. More about the group’s project here.

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