Congratulations to the faculty and incoming interns who were honored at the School of Medicine Honors Day on May 6, 2022.

Clinical Professor of the Year

Dr. Jessie Harvey (Pulmonary and Critical Care)

This award is given to one faculty member on campus and is selected by the graduating seniors in the School of Medicine.

Dr. Jessie Harvey

Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award

Dr. John Caleb Grenn and Monica Kala

This award recognizes one student and one faculty member who demonstrate both clinical excellence and outstanding compassion in the delivery of care and who show respect for patients, their families, and healthcare colleagues. Dr. John Caleb Grenn is currently a Pediatrics Chief Resident and will be joining the Department as an Assistant Professor in the Divisions of General Medicine and Hospital Medicine in July. Monica Kala is an incoming medicine-pediatrics intern.

Dr. John Caleb Grenn (left), Lucy Varela-Quintero (center), Gold Humanism Chapter Administrator, and Monica Kala (right), incoming medicine-pediatrics intern

Dean’s Awards

Michael Azar and Matthew Bridges (incoming categorical interns)

These annual awards are given to the four students who have achieved the highest academic average in their class.

J. Robert Snavely Award

Matthew Bridges (incoming categorical intern)

Established in memory of Dr. Snavely, the first chairman of the Department of Medicine, this award goes to a senior medical student for outstanding performance in the clinical medicine block.

Dr. Michelle Horn and Matthew Bridges

James E. Griffith (Griff) Award

Michael Azar (incoming categorical intern)

This award is sponsored by the American Lung Association and is in memory of Dr. James E. Griffith.

Michael Azar

James C. Waites, MD Medical Student of the Year Award

Brent Ferguson (incoming medicine-pediatrics intern)

Brent Ferguson

Medical Alumni Scholarship

Matthew Bridges (incoming categorical intern)

Matthew Bridges

Robert Clayton Maynor, Jr Leadership Award and the Meyer and Genevieve Falk Endowment Award

Benjamin Rushing (incoming preliminary intern)

Benjamin Rushing

Dr. Jefferson Hollingsworth Medical Scholarship

Matthew Bridges (incoming categorical intern) and Monica Kala (incoming medicine-pediatrics intern)

Dee and Bill Keeton, MD Scholarship

Dylan Tribolet (incoming medicine-pediatrics intern)

Dylan Tribolet

Dr. and Mrs. James Rayner School of Medicine Scholarship and the Helen Turner Academic Medicine Award

Monica Kala (incoming medicine-pediatrics intern)

Monica Kala

Mississippi Blood Services Scholarship

Rodney Kipchumba (incoming preliminary intern)

Anna Lauren Winter (incoming categorical intern)

Segars Family Educational Fund

Meredith Cobb (incoming categorical intern)

Meredith Cobb

Leonard W. Fabian Award

Rodney Kipchumba (incoming preliminary intern)

Rodney Kipchumba

Medical Scholars Research Program

Katie Jones (incoming categorical intern), Khalid Manzoul (incoming preliminary intern) Matthew McMullan (incoming categorical intern)

Mississippi Rural Physicians Scholarship Program

Graham Hodge (incoming medicine-pediatrics intern), Yousef Hreish (incoming categorical intern), Lee Ogletree (incoming categorical intern), Zachary Watters (incoming categorical intern)

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