Alumni Spotlight: Drs. Christa Bowes and Keith Murdock

Dr. Christa Bowes and Dr. Keith Murdock are former residents, chief residents, and fellows in the Department of Medicine. Here, they share about their time at UMMC and where they are now.

First, tell us about you and your time at UMMC.

We were lucky enough to do our residency as a husband and wife pairing at UMMC. While at UMMC, we grew our family by two. Our son Finn is 5 years old now and Owen is 3 years old. We both did our residency together at UMMC and were fortunate to be chosen as chief residents. After our chief resident year, Christa went on to do an endocrinology fellowship and Keith a cardiology fellowship, both at UMMC. 

Where are you now and what are you doing?

We are both Canadian and moved back to Canada to work in our subspecialties. We live in a city on the east coast of Canada called Fredericton in a province of New Brunswick. We moved back to be closer to both of our families, who are very happy to have us closer after many years away! 

What do you miss most about UMMC?

It’s hard to just name one thing that we miss about UMMC, so we made a list:

  • We miss the community and collegiality. It’s truly a special family amongst the internal medicine department. Whether it’s stopping to talk to a fellow resident or running into your favorite attending, everyone’s supportive of both your personal life and education. 
  • We miss walking down to the medical education office and listening to Monica singing in her office or stealing candy out of Cheryl‘s candy bowl.
  • The familiarity of pressing 0 when you’re on nights and having Laron direct your call. 
  • Christa misses her afternoon lectures with Dr. Subauste. She still talks about them and has kept every note from those lectures. 
  • Keith will always miss the passion of the cardiology department. Whether it was a complex PCI or drawing pictures of a congenital case, there was always a lot of passion for education and patient care. 

Share a memory of your time here at UMMC.

UMMC was the time of “firsts” for us. The first time that we used doctor in front of our name. We got married and bought our first house together. The first time that we became parents and experienced serious illness. We feel like we had a family away from Canada in so many of you. This was such an important chapter of our life that we still think about daily. And of course, we can never forget first time we had Chick-fil-A, and grits 😉 

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