2023 New Year’s Resolutions from across the Department:

  • Make every effort to visit your parents even if they live thousands of miles away. Opportunities will always knock on your door. Your parents won’t. – Mohamed Hassanein, Nephrology
  • Try not to cuss as much, especially during Ole Miss games – Bryan Barksdale, Cardiology
  • My resolution this year is to stay closer to God in prayers and allow God to lead the way. – Hilary Elom, PGY-3
  • My resolution this year is to start back running again and with a goal of 12 miles per week – Nathan Alexander, PGY-3
  • To spend more one-on-one time with my girls – Meredith Cobb, PGY-1
  • My family’s resolution is to eat more meals at home in order to save money – Lance Jaynes, PGY-1
  • My word for the year is First. I recently finished re-reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Habit 3 is Put First Things First. My goal this year is to put first things first.  To focus on starting the day with God First. And trying to maintain that attitude throughout the day in everything I do. To put others first – especially my patients, my students, my teams in both Cardiology and the School of Medicine, my family, my friends, and others with whom I cross paths. And each day, to focus on what items are most important and need to be accomplished first. As Ricky Bobby says, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” – Mike McMullan, Cardiology
  • To travel more – Hillary Daugherty, Chief Resident
  • My word for the year is patience – Cheryl Moss
  • To drink less soda – Brandon Heath
  • Innovation. Self-Reflection – Anonymous
  • 1. Appreciate each day we are given and look for the best in it; 2. Appreciate colleagues who work hard to make our department and institution a better place for our patients and each other; 3. Take to heart the advice that “ A glad heart heals like a medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones” – Gailen Marshall, Allergy & Immunology
  • Words for the year: perseverance and trust – Myrna Alexander, Cardiology
  • To make more of an effort to attend church in person when I can – Nate Usry, PGY-2
  • My word for this year is intention. Trying to shift my focus from what I’m doing to why I’m doing it to create intentionality – Mari Rader, PGY-3
  • 1. Read before bed as opposed to scrolling through social media; 2. Listen to “The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)” podcast daily; 3. Say the Night prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours daily. – Thor Goodfellow, Chief Resident
  • My word of the year is: gratitude! A resolution is to travel and explore Mississippi more this year! – Saleha Aziz, PGY-1
  • My word for the year is radiant – bright with joy and hope each day – Angel Tapley
  • I am looking forward to a year of new adventures. Our son William joined the family in October! – Paige Ganem, Hematology and Oncology fellow
  • Our pastor did a great sermon last Sunday. He states each year he picks big areas in his life and rates them on a scale of 1-10 based on where he believes he is at the beginning of the year. Suggested areas were: finances, calling/career, marriage, family, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Then he suggested that we pick ONE thing we can do in each area to improve or increase that number/rating on the scale. Work on that one thing. I am trying that this year! Wish me luck! – Jasmine Kency, General Internal Medicine
  • My word for the year is grace. You never know what someone is going through and grace is an unconditional love that you can show to others regardless of the way they treat you. – Monica Watkins
  • To drink less soda – Raina Muthukumaru, PGY-3
  • My 6 year old wrote his resolution (below) and I concur with his plans. – Shou Tang, Gastroenterology

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