Intern Spotlight: Dr. Meredith Cobb

Meet Dr. Meredith Cobb, MD, PhD, mother of 2, and categorical medicine intern. Here, Meredith shares about her path to UMMC for training, memorable moments thus far, and some advice to future interns.

What made you choose UMMC for residency?

Choosing UMMC for residency came naturally for me. I looked at the things that mattered to me in a program including schedule format, strong mentors, and opportunities for teaching. Our program is among the best of the best for all of these! During my med school training, the Internal Medicine program always made me feel like part of the group and part of the team, and I cannot overstate how much it meant to me. I chose a program that challenges its residents to reach their full potential in an environment that’s encouraging, safe, and honestly fun! I’d choose UMMC again every time. 

Tell us about a memorable experience thus far from training.

Just over halfway through intern year, I have been fortunate to have so many memorable experiences so far! One that stands out was when I was outside of a patient’s room with their spouse; they commented to me how much they both had enjoyed having me, and they said “[spouse] said YOU are their doctor.” We often take ownership of our patients, but I hadn’t really had the experience of a patient proudly claiming me as their doctor. Later this patient unfortunately became the first time of death I pronounced, and I was embraced by their loved ones after their final moments. It was a full circle experience that I’ll carry for a long time. 

What is one thing you would tell the incoming interns about what is to come?

YOU DID IT! You are here in the job you’ve been working towards for so long. It is hard and it is exhausting, but it is also fulfilling and so worth it. On the bad days, remind yourself how amazing it is to be doing the thing you’ve dreamed of. And never be scared to ask for help!

What could you give a presentation on with absolutely no preparation? 

Nothing that makes me sound particularly interesting or cool, but I could talk for days about Taylor Swift, Broadway musicals, or my favorite TV shows (of which there are many). 

What are some small things that make your day better?

Making a trip to Cups coffee with friends, pictures of my kids from school or daycare, and unexpected friend sightings in the hospital. 

Where could we find you when you are not at the hospital?

You can find me enjoying time with my husband and two daughters! We love all the local playgrounds, museums, parks, shopping, and dining. Lately our thing has been exploring Old Towne area of Clinton, where we bought a house after graduation. I also love getting together with friends and fellow residents, most recently at my own belated birthday party!

What profession would you have chosen if you weren’t a physician?

I think I would be an event planner. I’ve planned themed bachelorette trips/parties, birthday parties, and even a couple of weddings. 

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