Intern Spotlight: Dr. Shenae Cummings

Dr. Shenae Cummings, internal medicine intern and fitness fanatic, shares her path to UMMC and what she’s learned during intern year.

Tell us about you.

I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica and I went to medical school at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica! In my spare time, you can find me at the gym or in the kitchen trying out a new recipe. 

What made you choose UMMC for residency?

My mentor in Jamaica was familiar with the IM program at UMMC and highly recommended it. Once I researched the program, I realized this is where I needed to be. The core values really stood out for me. 

Tell us about a memorable experience thus far in training.

My last inpatient month was very interesting. I saw patients who had interesting pathologies and complex scenarios which were challenging to manage! I love a good challenge and I was mentally stimulated during that month on house. On the plus side, my team won the spirit of medicine award for that month.

Another memorable moment was during a clinic follow up visit. It was my second time meeting with my patient and on the first encounter she was having some difficulty accessing her medications. I was able to assist her with that. At the end of the follow up visit, she got up and said “I am going to hug you now” In that moment, not only did I feel appreciated but it reminded me that patients typically come to doctors at their worst whether physically or mentally and its always important to be kind and helpful.

What is one thing you would tell the incoming interns about what is to come?

Have an open mind. Internship is challenging but worth it.  The residents at UMMC are very supportive and kind. There is always someone there to help you on a rough day! I would also advise to take residency one day at a time and always ask yourself “what is one thing I learned today or what’s one skill mastered today?”

What could you give a presentation on with absolutely no preparation? 

I could give a presentation on the evolution of dancing styles and the latest dance moves that are popular in Jamaica right now.

What are some small things that make your day better?

Definitely being able to get a good workout in after work really improves my day and helps my mental wellbeing! I also really enjoy being able to sit, relax and watch tv after work.

Where could we find you when you are not at the hospital?

At the gym or at home binging Netflix or on my computer doing online shopping.

What profession would you have chosen if you weren’t a physician?   

I was considering doing medical physics before applying to medical school. I also was interested in astrophysics.

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