Dr. Bryan Barksdale serving as Mississippi Governor for the American College of Cardiology

Dr. Bryan Barksdale in the Division of Cardiology is currently serving a 3-year term as Mississippi Governor for the American College of Cardiology (ACC). He was initially elected to serve about 3 years ago and spent 2015-2017 serving in a pre-governor role; his term began last year and will end in 2020. There are more than 50,000 members of the ACC and 60 governors to represent the states. Out of about 220 cardiologists in the state of Mississippi, 142 of them are members of the organization. The overall mission of the college is to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health. This year, the Mississippi ACC has been targeting maintenance of certification as well as several regulation and reimbursement issues. The next legislative conference is this month in Washington, D.C. “It has been a wonderful experience that I have enjoyed immensely,” stated Barksdale, which is why one of his primary goals as governor is to encourage the younger generation of cardiologists to be more involved in the organization.

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