Dr. Joseph Maher to serve as Director of new Medical Genetics and Precision Medicine Division

The Department of Medicine has instituted a new division, the Division of Medical Genetics and Precision Medicine for which Dr. Joseph Maher will serve as the inaugural division director. The division plans to provide evaluation, diagnosis, risk assessment, and management for adult genetic disorders, provide close collaboration with Molecular Pathology and the Medical Oncology teams for the precision oncology program, and increase the application of whole exome and whole genome sequencing, pharmacogenomics, and polygenic risk scores for both cancer and non-cancer genetics.

Dr. Maher currently works in the cancer genetics program and has an extensive background in clinical activities and funded research focused in medical genetics and genomics.  He went to medical school at UT Southwestern, where he subsequently did his internship and residency. He then completed his fellowship training at Johns Hopkins. He is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in medical genetics. He recently received NIH finding to study SCN5A gene and prolonged QT in sickle cell disease.

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