Dr. Adrienne Tin recently joined the MIND Center and Division of Nephrology as an Associate Professor.

She obtained her doctoral and post-doctoral training in epidemiology with a concentration in genetics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Then she joined the faculty of the Department of Epidemiology at the Bloomberg School of Public Health prior to coming to UMMC. 

Prior to her academic career, Dr. Tin’s undergraduate training was in computer science and mathematics from New York University. Her software development career earned her co-authorship of a patent in object-oriented computing. Then she obtained her master’s degree in applied statistics from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Dr. Tin has authored over 60 peer-reviewed manuscripts, including co-first authorship of manuscripts in high-impact journals, such as Nature Genetics and Nature Communications. She is also a member of the Statistical Editorial Board of the Journal of American Society of Nephrology.

Hometown: Hong Kong

Tell us about what you will be working on in your new role.

I will focus my work on the genomics of dementia and kidney-related traits. The biological pathways underlying these diseases are largely unknown. Genomics can help to increase our understanding of the biology pathways, leading to the discovery of potential prevention and treatment targets.  

We are meeting you for the first time – what would you like for people to know?

I find scientific discovery to be very stimulating.

What are you most looking forward to working at UMMC?

I look forward to working with the talented and dedicated faculty and staff here. Both the MIND Center and the Division of Nephrology are unique institutions in delivering high quality research to the scientific community and healthcare to our patients.

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