Dr. Richard Wardrop, III has been selected to serve in Governance for the American Board of Internal Medicine on the Internal Medicine Speciality Board.  The Specialty Boards of the ABIM are where the frontline work at the speciality-specific level is done. Specialty Boards are responsible for the broad definition of the discipline across Certification and MOC. ABIM has a Specialty Board for all disciplines solely sponsored and administered by ABIM, including Internal Medicine. Specialty Boards have oversight of the exam committees and are responsible for making Certification and MOC relevant vehicles in their discipline. The role of the Internal Medicine Speciality Board includes :

  1. Define, refine and set standards in Certification and MOC in the discipline. 
  2. Perform oversight/review of performance assessments in the discipline. 
  3. Build partnerships with societies and other organizational stakeholders in support of ABIM work. 

The following is an excerpt from the welcome letter received from Dr. Richard Baron, CEO of the ABIM and ABIM Foundation.

“This is an exciting and creative time at ABIM. As a member of ABIM governance, you have a critical role in ABIM’s drive to engage the larger internal medicine community. You bring important perspectives from your practice, or your role in patient care and advocacy, and are entrusted with a role in setting policies and standards for all internist and subspecialists, impacting millions of patients every year.  I hope you share with me the pride of being a member of the ABIM family in service to our profession and the public.”

The ABIM is a nonprofit, self-appointed physician-evaluation organization that certifies physicians practicing internal medicine and its subspecialties. Dr. Wardrop’s term begins July 1, 2020 and ends June 30 2023. For more information see ABIM.org

Dr. Wardrop has also recently completed his service as Chair of the American College of Physicians (ACP) and member of the Board for Regents. He also been selected to serve as a member of American College of Physicians Education Committee.

The committees of ACP perform a vital role in the development of policies and programs that benefit the public, the profession of medicine, and our membership.   The ACP Education Committee is comprised of leading medical educators from all over the world and oversees and guides all educational program and projects for the College. His term began in April 2020 and will conclude April of 2021, with multiple options for renewal. He will continue his service to the national ACP as a member of the Editorial Board for ACP Internist. Within Mississippi, Dr. Wardrop will continue to serve on the MS ACP Governors Advisory Council where he is also Chair of the Wellness Committee and Scholarship Committee. 

Congratulations Dr. Wardrop! 

One comment

  1. Dr Wardrop is an outstanding physician and an administrative leader in whatever assignment he is given. The University is fortunate to have him on staff.


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