Get to know Dr. Morgan McLeod, Assistant Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics.

What is your professional background?

I graduated from the University of Mississippi for my undergraduate degree (Hotty Toddy!).  Then, I came to Jackson where I graduated from UMMC for medical school as well as completed my residency training in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics. 

Tell us about what you do at UMMC.

I do a little mix of clinic as well as inpatient medicine.  I work with the residents in clinic in addition to having my own private Med/Peds clinic at Grants Ferry.  With our resident clinic, I am able to work with our Med/Peds, Internal Medicine, and Pediatric residents.  So, it is always fun meeting all of the new residents each year and watching them grow into awesome doctors by the end of their residency. 

You also host a radio show on Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s Think Radio. What’s that like?

This is honestly something I never saw myself doing, but it has turned into something I really enjoy!  For the past 3 years, I have hosted the Southern Remedy Kids and Teens show on Thursdays for MPB.  I normally pick a topic to discuss for the week.  I will discuss the topic and take calls from listeners to answer their medical questions regarding the topic or any other medical question that they may have.  The listeners and their questions make the show fun!  I love hearing their stories.  And, many of them have good home remedies and advice on things that they have found to be helpful.  I have also enjoyed bringing my friends in medicine onto our show to discuss their specialties.  Most people are always so nervous to come on but end up having a great time!  I’m always looking for new guests if anybody is interested! 

What advice would you give to someone pursuing medicine today?

This has been a pretty crazy year for medicine.  I recently finished inpatient service covering a house medicine rotation and our M4s had done their Internal Medicine rotation virtually last year.  So, this was actually their first time to be in the hospital for an Internal Medicine rotation.  It was just crazy to think about that!  Nevertheless, they were great students and did a wonderful job helping manage our patients.  So, that being said, it has been a difficult year for our medical students.  But, I hope they continue to pursue their dreams and persevere through these difficult times.  Although it has not been conventional training for some during this time, they are still learning and will be physicians soon.  I think these challenging times will only make them stronger physicians in the future!  So, keep your heads up!  You’ve got this!

What do you like most about UMMC?

THE PEOPLE!  When I am talking to applicants who are considering residency at UMMC, I will tell them, there is a reason that I went to school here, trained here, and am now employed here!  The people at UMMC make this place such a wonderful place to work and train.

Tell us something about yourself that people may not know.

Well, I would not consider myself a “runner,” per se.  But, I do enjoy running/jogging and recently completed my first (hopefully not my last) marathon last year.  The training was challenging but so worth it!

Dr. McLeod and former Medicine-Pediatrics resident Dr. Pinky Chugani evaluate a child in clinic

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