Division Spotlight: Digestive DIseases

Dr. Sarah Glover

The Division of Digestive Diseases provides outstanding care to those with gastroenterology and hepatology-related diseases. Dr. Sarah Glover, Professor and Division Director, has bolstered the division’s research mission with her distinguished work in hereditary alpha tryptasemia syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and most recently, COVID-19 and immunity. The division enjoys a collaborative relationship with UMMC’s Pediatric GI Division, both of which have pioneered the use of Endoflip, esophageal function testing performed during EGD. UMMC is the only center in Mississippi that offers this procedural testing. The division also has the capability to perform advanced biliary direct imaging techniques that allow diagnosis not readily obtained by other methods. In addition, the division boasts three board-certified hepatologists who work closely with the transplant team to manage patients before, during, and after liver transplant, of which UMMC has performed over 300 since the program was established in 2013. And of course, with a fully accredited GI fellowship, the division trains future leaders in the evidence and practice of digestive diseases.

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