UMMC joins the Cardiometabolic Center Alliance as a Charter Member

UMMC has joined the Cardiometabolic Center Alliance (CMCA) as a Charter Member. The CMCA is a national alliance that plans to bring together cardiometabolic centers from across the nation to adopt and implement key strategies in their care, that ultimately reach a far greater number of patients.

Dr. Elizabeth Fryoux

This UMMC initiative will include a clinic that focuses on patients with type 2 diabetes and prior myocardial infarction (MI) and provides high-quality comprehensive, multidisciplinary care. Dr. Elizabeth Fryoux, Assistant Professor in the Divisions of General Internal Medicine and Hospital Medicine, will serve as the Lead Physician for UMMC’s Cardiometabolic Center. “Our goal is to ensure these patients receive optimal guideline directed medical therapy, reduce adverse events and significantly improve patient outcomes” said Fryoux. Danny Riche, Clinical Pharmacist, will assist as well to focus not only on optimizing medications and adherence but also obesity, sleep/stress, tobacco cessation, and other cardiovascular risk factors.  

The clinic is designed to treat cardiovascular and metabolic complications in an integrated way with close collaboration with the patient’s primary care provider and specialists, including cardiology, endocrinology, and nephrology. Patients may also be enrolled in remote patient monitoring through UMMC’s Telehealth Center to further emphasize treatments and focus on comprehensive risk reduction in a patient-centered environment by a multidisciplinary team. 

UMMC’s CMCA also plans to participate in a patient registry to collect and trend data on patients seen at Cardiometabolic Center Alliance affiliated centers versus similar patients treated elsewhere. The registry may be used in future for the development of research projects/protocols as well as pragmatic clinical trials relating to outcomes in patients with Type 2 Diabetes or pre-diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, and/or kidney disease, obesity and other complications.

The clinic opens August 6th and will be located in the LB Clinic Building on Lakeland Drive. For more information, contact Dr. Fryoux at

Read the press release here.

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