Resident Spotlight: Dr. Meagan Robbins

Dr. Meagan Robbins is a PGY-IV resident in internal medicine and pediatrics and will serve as a Pediatrics Chief Resident this coming year. Here, Dr. Robbins shares about her love for all things Disney, Ted Lasso, and UMMC.

Why did you choose UMMC for residency?

My answer is always “the people” but with three different versions.

The people I work with make residency more enjoyable. I think you should be able to have fun at work and find joy even during the tougher days, and our residents do that well!

I think the people that we get to learn from are the best of the best, and who I want to be like when I grow up. Our attendings are challenging, approachable, encouraging and know how to bring out the best in people– students, residents, and their patients.

And most importantly, the people we get to take care of make this worth it. We get an opportunity to make a massive difference in their lives, and in turn, our experiences with them helps mold us into more compassionate and harder working physicians.

Tell us about a memorable experience from training.

Early in my intern year in the MICU, I had to have a difficult goals of care conversation with a family about their loved one by myself. I was incredibly nervous and wanted the conversation to go well for them, and honestly for me too. I must have looked as pale as I felt as I walked to the room because the patient’s nurse (UMMC famous Matthew Harris) saw me and simply asked, “you need back up?” — to which I quickly accepted. The family and I had a great conversation about their loved one and were able to come to a decision on how best to proceed with the patient’s wishes. I led the conversation by myself, but it helped having back up present if I needed it, and he told me what went well and what I could add for future conversations. I was incredibly thankful.

Later that week, after a few more long days, I had Med-Peds clinic one afternoon. Knowing I was on MICU, my clinic co-residents met me at the $6 Chinese buffet across from Grants Ferry, and we carb-loaded for 15 minutes prior to going to clinic as they each shared their MICU experiences and laughed through our short lunch.

It takes a village to get through residency, and we’ve got a good one.

What is one thing you would tell the incoming interns about what is to come?

Getting to take care of other people is exciting and scary and fun and tiring and humbling and almost all other emotions. Remember the fun and meaningful days during your humbling and hard days. Work hard & learn something new every day!

What could you give a presentation on with absolutely no preparation?

Walt Disney World, anything about Ted Lasso, or the life & music of Elvis Presley. (If you need a magical travel planner, I got you)

How has COVID-19 changed the way you practice medicine?

It makes in-person conversations more meaningful. You can tell that when you take a few extra minutes to ask non-medical related questions or even just stay in the room longer than usual, your patient & their family appreciate it so much.

What are some small things that make your day better?

My morning cup of coffee, the yogurt parfait from Cups, a great spotify playlist for a busy work room, going on a walk with a friend after a busy day, or getting to spend a day off with my husband Will.

Where could we find you when you are not at the hospital?

In sunny weather– outside! We recently picked up pickleball, and I literally have shoes just for pickleball. Who am I?

When it’s cold, somewhere in front of a heater. I’m not cut out for anything less than 50 F.

What profession would you have chosen if you weren’t a physician?

My unrealistic answer is an Imagineer for Disney because, of course. My real answer is a college English teacher. I was an English major in college, took the nerdiest lit classes, and loved it!

Celebrating Halloween and taking care of kiddos with the Med-Peds crew

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