Recognizing medical student research mentors – Dr. Pegah Hosseini-Carroll and Dr. Michael McMullan

Drs. Pegah Hosseini-Carroll (Digestive Diseases) and Michael McMullan (Cardiovascular Diseases) are both serving as Medical Student Research Program mentors. They both began as summer research mentors to rising M2 medical students, but have each taken on the responsibility of mentoring an M2 student on a biomedical research project through the remainder of their medical school career.

The MSRP Full Option Program is an elite group of students and mentors who dedicate significant time and effort toward the development of future physician scientists. The MSRP, which is comprised of both the Summer of Research Program and Full Option Program, is the largest program on campus for medical students to gain exposure to biomedical research. The goal of the program is that each participant gains a better understanding and appreciation of biomedical research through the MSRP, and that some will continue on toward careers as physician scientists.

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