A Message from the outgoing chief residents

While a year can seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, it is, in turn, humbling to realize the profound impact such a short frame of time can make. The opportunity to serve as chief residents for the program that helped mold us during such a crucial time of our training was not one taken lightly nor without gratitude. From the start, we were excited (although admittedly a little intimidated) with the challenge of incorporating and developing the new residency program schedule. Although this process demanded many a late night, dizzying re-do’s and piecing together puzzles, it was through this rigorous task that the four of us learned to work seamlessly together early on. This teamwork truly set the tone for the rest of the year knowing we could depend on each other to help rise to each unique challenge thrown the program’s way. As much as we could rely on each other, we found this support in even greater multitude from the entire program leadership team. They allowed us the space and confidence to be innovative and creative in the ways in which we sought to teach, lead and foster resident relationships both in and out of the hospital. Of course, our roles would be insignificant if not for the residents who endured this year of growth with us and allowed us to help shape even a small part of their own residency experience. Thank you. While each of us will be walking away with a distinctive set of skills and lessons learned from this year, as a whole we are leaving grateful and deeply appreciative for having had this experience, the Department of Medicine and UMMC. We look forward to continuing to celebrate the future successes of our amazing department.

– Caleb, Anna, Ashley, and Austin

Dr. Ashley Villarreal will be joining the General Medicine and Hospitalist Divisions at UMMC and also serving as Associate Program Director to the Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program.

Dr. Austin Burkenstock will be joining faculty as an academic hospitalist at GV (Sonny) Montgomery VA Medical Center in Jackson, MS.

Dr. Anna Owings will be starting fellowship in Gastroenterology at UMMC in July.

Dr. Caleb Stanfield will be starting fellowship in Endocrinology at UMMC in July.

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