Alumni Spotlight: Drs. Madison and Ryan Williams

Native Texans Drs. Madison and Ryan Williams completed internal medicine residency at UMMC. Here, they share about their time at UMMC and what they’ve been up to since residency training.

First, tell us about you and your time at UMMC.

Ryan grew up in McKinney, TX and Madison in Paris, TX.  We met in Organic Chemistry Lab at UT Dallas where we were lab partners.  We got married in 2011. We both went on to medical school together at Texas A&M College of Medicine, starting on the College Station campus and completing training at Texas A&M’s Baylor University Medical Center campus in Dallas.  We then couples matched to internal medicine residency at UMMC in 2015.  

Where are you now and what are you doing?

After graduating internal medicine residency at UMMC in 2018, we again couples matched to hematology/oncology fellowship at UTHSC in San Antonio where we completed our training together in 2021. We are now both medical oncologists at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Madison is a breast medical oncologist and Ryan is a thoracic medical oncologist. We are fortunate enough to work under the same roof and still bounce things off of each other all the time. We just welcomed our first child, a son named Oliver, in late 2022. Our cat Murray, who we adopted during our time in Mississippi, is getting along famously with him.

What do you miss most about UMMC?

If you ask this of anyone who spent any meaningful time at UMMC, it is a certainty you will get an answer about the people. UMMC is really a special place for camaraderie and truly felt like a family to us. We very much value our time spent there and know we are much better physicians for it. Although days and nights can be hard anywhere you train in medicine, the people we worked with made all the difference. Having the support, mentorship, and teaching from the staff and from our colleagues was wonderful. We truly worked with amazing people who became great friends. 

Share a memory or more of your time at UMMC.

  • Many episodes of delirious laughter along with our house teams. 
  • SSCI and ACP national meetings in New Orleans with dinners at Luke with Dr. Thigpen and company.
  • Dressing up as the Stranger Things kids for the bowling tournament, with Jonathan Blossom as Eleven.
  • Running into different friends every day in line at Cups.
  • Recruitment dinners and meeting applicants. 

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