Dr. Sanjana Kapoor

Dr. Sanjana Kapoor, assistant professor in the Division of Nephrology, co-authored a paper published last month in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases titled “Best Practice Alerts in Electronic Medical Records to Improve Pneumococcal Vaccination in CKD.” The article describes a quality improvement initiative that used the electronic medical record (EMR) to improve vaccination rates in those with advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD) as well as patients with nephrotic syndrome since these groups have a higher incidence of pneumococcal pneumonia along with increased mortality and cardiovascular complications. Their data suggest that CKD clinic follow-up is a missed opportunity to administer the pneumococcal vaccine and the implementation of a medical assistant-led decision aid in the EMR can bridge the gap with minimal workflow disruption or increase in workload burden. Read the full article here.

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