Dr. Demondes Haynes named Executive Vice Chair for the Department of Medicine

Dr. Haynes is a native of Louisville MS and attended undergraduate at the University of Mississippi, where he then completed his medical school. He subsequently completed his residency training in internal medicine where he was chosen to also serve as a chief resident. He then completed his advanced training in pulmonary and critical care medicine at UMMC. He then joined a private practice group in Jackson, MS for a year before realizing his calling in life for academic medicine. We were lucky when he joined the faculty in 2007 and has served many important positions at the university including the first Associate Program Director and later Program Director for the Pulmonary and Critical Care fellowships for a decade. He serves on the medical school admissions executive committee and also on several other hospital and departmental committees. He was recently promoted to full Professor, and Dr. Jones with his deep insights for talent, had him serve the department as Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs. He is an active member of the American Thoracic Society and the American College of Chest Physicians, where is serves on several national committees and chairs a task force. His desire for excellence also led to him being currently enrolled in the John D. Bower School of Population Health where he will earn his Master of Science in Population Health Management. Congratulations to Dr. Haynes!

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