Resident Spotlight: Dr. Ritesh Patel

Get to know Dr. Ritesh Patel, PGY-3 in internal medicine, Michigan football fan, and travel aficionado.

Why did you choose UMMC for residency?

I went to medical school at UMMC and I loved my clinical experiences here. The camaraderie between the faculty, fellows, and residents definitely made it an easy choice for me to stay and give back to the community that supported my growth as an aspiring physician.

Tell us about a memorable experience from training.

Prior to our 3rd year of residency, the department hosted a resident retreat for us at the McLain Lounge. It was a fun-filled day with activities and games such as tug-of-war. It was a nice opportunity for fellowship with my co-residents.

What is one thing you would tell the incoming interns about what is to come?

Residency is a rollercoaster ride. You will have some challenging rotations, long days, and/or difficult patient encounters. However, you will have a great support system that will always be there to help you through it! Just focus on doing the small things right and the bigger picture will come together.

What could you give a presentation on with absolutely no preparation? 

Michigan Football. Go Blue!

How has COVID-19 changed the way you practice medicine?

I started my training during the early stages of the Covid era. This has made me more comfortable taking care of critically ill patients during a time when our healthcare system and resources were strained. Being able to remain calm and adapt to evolving clinical scenarios is a trait that has followed and led to my growth as a physician.

What are some small things that make your day better?

A good cup of coffee and having working access at the VA

Where could we find you when you are not at the hospital?

Usually on a given weekday hanging out with my co-residents at happy hour or dinner. Otherwise I’m in Atlanta visiting my sister and newborn nephew.

What profession would you have chosen if you weren’t a physician?

A travel agent. I am the main planner for all the trips with my friends and family.

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